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EcoLoo Africa is a local subsidiary of EcoLoo AB from Sweden a GREEN innovation company that markets innovative environmental solutions. Our eco-toilet solution is Affordable, Sustainable, Odour-free, Maintenance free, Consumes neither Energy nor Water, and the end product is organic fertilizer. It’s biological and needs no further investment for end users, nor any expenses related to Energy, Water, Transport, Treatment or any other traditional toilet costs.

Our goal is not only to establish a profitable business, but an effective, long-term and sustainable one based on an Inclusive Business Model and Sustain Agility in order to create jobs and business opportunities locally starting at production, distribution, installation & support to the collection and reuse/sales of the fertilizer generated in the system.

The sanitation solution we offer has a huge potential, and will have a domino positive impact on Environment, Poverty, Health, Water, Energy, Women, Organic Agriculture, Food Security & Quality, Society, Well being & Stability in many ways; especially if we engage CSR companies, NGOs, NPOs, Help Organizations, UN, Development Programs and Banks in the process.

EcoLoo Africa develops and markets patented innovations that are altering the way we handle sanitation challenges in Africa.

Is to a firm that provides exceptional sanitation services with integrity and offer powerful solutions that restore human dignity, create interest, persuade partnership, stimulate and push creativity in protecting the environment.

Is to give the marginalized people a decent sustainable toilet.

Include the full scope of communities’ WASH needs: Water, Sanitation, Hygiene & Social Entrepreneurship for Wealth Creation.

Have shaped the provision of sanitation services of a diverse client base internationally and domestically, over a wide range of sectors. Some of our recent clients include: The Archipelago Foundation, The Swedish Road Administration’s Service, The West Coast Foundation and various schools and charitable trusts in Kenya.

Our Partner

EcoLoo AB

EcoLoo Approach

Our business approach focuses on inclusive, sustainable social entrepreneurship model where investors will put their profit or return of investment from the business back into the business to provide the support for sanitation causes and to help reduce poverty through our job or business opportunities and natural fertilizer buy-back system and achieve environmental and socio-economical sustainability.
Producing our sustainable sanitation system in developing countries such as South Asia will have a significant added value to all parties, creating more jobs, business and export opportunities and economical growth, taking into consideration that water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are increasingly required globally.

ECOLOO also gives toilet owners passive income from the maintenance services, toilet advertisements (inside and outside ECOLOO) with our kiosk and shelter concept.

This Ecological Toilet System has been developed through more than 10 years of Trial and Error, Research and Development practices. The system involves collecting toilet waste before it comes into contact with the environment, recycling it via composting, treating it on site, and then using the resulting compost for agricultural purpose.

This creates a natural, unbroken cycle that replaces ‘Waste Disposal’ with ‘Organic Recycling’ or value added, safe-to-use fertilizer.
ECOLOO can be used as a toilet in Urban Slum areas, Highways rest areas, Event areas, Disaster relief areas, Hospitals, Schools, and Construction or Mining sites or as a full time toilet in a residence. It can be located in any room (bedroom, office, closet) for both indoor and outdoor use. EcoLoo is a Standalone, Decentralized, Knowledge-based and Enclosed system.

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