Eco-Toilet Applications

  1. Rural areas – to serve the needs of low income population.
  2. Environmentally sensitive and vulnerable areas – non pollution requirement such as forest reserved areas, national parks and tourist attractions.
  3. Lack of water or non possibility for sewage system areas.
  4. Disease problem areas.
  5. Natural disaster areas such as refugee camps.
  6. High ground water level areas.
  7. Large Events (Boom festival and more).
  8. Large event areas – where such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions and marathons.
  9. Schools, universities, sports arenas or stadiums, public and private recreational areas.
  10. Construction areas.
  11. Pilgrimage areas.
  12. Highway or country road rest areas.
  13. Pavements, beaches, lakes, river, camping sites, golf courses, etc.