How it works

EcoLoo is a Sustainable Toilet Technology: Enclosed Long-Term Composting system that is applied with a specially formulated and patented bacterium which completely breaks down the solid and liquid waste into harmless organic fertilizer.

  • Isolates the solid and the liquid waste inside the two chambers with its pathogens (and its medical residues) for more than 30 years, thus never entering the environment hence preventing pollution.
  • Yields the brunt of the plant nutrients in our excrement as a clean, safe-to-use fertilizer for agriculture while cutting 90% of the cost of waste handling: TRANSPORTATION.
  • Energy (and CO2) saving through reduction of water use and reduction of further production of chemical fertilizer, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • Saves the more than 8 liters of water used for every flushing with traditional toilets.
  • It’s Odour and Bacteria free.


Business Model Chart