Sanitation solutions firm EcoLoo has introduced a mobile toilet that seeks to change living standards in Kenya. The portable toilet unveiled in Nairobi yesterday will have positive impact on the environment and poverty reduction as it helps solve health, energy and water-related issues.

EcoLoo promises huge social and economic benefits touching on a wide range of cultural and hygienic practices, particularly those that are gender-sensitive, as it gives attention to the needs of women and girls. Speaking during its launch in Africa at the Serena Hotel Nairobi, EcoLoo founder Imadi Agi said it will greatly contribute to quality society, well-being and stability for millions of communities previously challenged by lack of access to sanitation facilities.

He observed that dirty water and clean water mixing is taken as something normal (Sewage) and a lot a lot of money is used to set sewage plants. “Flush toilets invented 200 years ago is the cause of so many disease in the current society. This is why we had to check on some new innovation,” said Zuraina Zaharin- CEO EcoLoo. EcoLoo AB has a local subsidiary called Ecoloo Africa Ltd to champion its entry into Kenya, East and Central Africa, the horn of Africa, South Sudan and the rest of the continent.

Furthermore, it is looking forward to partner with companies that have adopted corporate social responsibility practices, non-governmental organizations, civil societies, development partners, national and county and county government and financial institutions. Meanwhile, EcoLoo has introduced three models in Kenya fabricated from semi-finished materials to be replicated in the rest of Africa.

The semi- finished affordable products include a solution where end users – usually very poor –will install the roof and other elements by themselves with any local available and affordable material they wish to use. A stand-alone urinal system for both outdoors and indoors generates a liquid ready-to-use bacteria free fertiliser.

The ‘EcoLoo combined with kiosk’ is a toilet with an attached kiosk for end users who cannot afford a small kiosk to make a living, while the ‘EcoLoo combined with shelter’ is a twin toilet with minimal expenses related to electricity or water. EcoLoo Africa’s goal is to provide a unique, safe and healthy sustainable sanitation solution that is affordable and effective in the long-term.

It is based on an inclusive model to create job and business opportunities locally from production, distribution, installation and support, to the collection, reuse and sale of the fertiliser generated in the system. It has created competition in the movable toilets in Kenya which will trigger quality and improved customer service as far as making the natural call is concerned.