There are known as 2.5 billion people worldwide of 40% of the world population have no access to toilet. Open spaces, riverbanks, road and street side and the open field are some of the common places to defecate. It is also seen that the water sources is badly affected by both pit/ring and modern flush toilets. The sewage from the flush toilet badly affected the fragile environment. These practices not only pollute the environment but also contaminate the land and water resources.

ECOLOOis a stand alone, decentralized toilet system that is affordable, biological, comfortable, ecological, hygienic, multi-functional and practical as shown in Figure 1-1. Our innovative approach is truly educational, entrepreneurial, environmental and socio-economical.

ECOLOOis odor-free, sewage-free, water-free and energy-free on-site waste treatment toilet system that employs biologic processes to create a natural fertilizer.

ECOLOOhas only one chamber with one hole and all the waste, including toilet paper, urine or wash water, will all go down naturally by the pull of gravity into the upper chamber.

ECOLOOusers have an option to dry flush the solid waste by flattening it with a special built-in mechanical device. Users also have an option to cover the waste with our mechanical waste cover, specially designed to hide the view of the waste inside the upper chamber. The waste cover will open when the users sit or squat on the toilet and close as soon as they step out.

ECOLOOis ergonomically designed for comfort, health and safety to prevent repetitive strain injuries and other common problems such as back pain, knee pain, rectal pain or weak uterus, all which can develop over time and can lead to long term disability.

ECOLOOcomes in various designs and shapes (squatting, sitting, handicapped friendly, urinals, multiple units, attached shower/kiosk/shelter) to fit all purposes and is functional in both hot and cold climates.ECOLOOcan be located indoor or outdoor, inside houses or buildings in rural or urban areas.

The base ofECOLOOas shown in the centre of Figure 1-1 below can be detached from the structures and installed inside new and existing single houses or landed properties, residential and commercial buildings. OurECOLOO can be implementable into such buildings concentrating several households in urban areas of 20,000 inhabitants, for example, by draining out the liquid fertilizer through serial connecting pipe down to the basement of the buildings by gravity pull.

ManufacturingECOLOO in mass volume will reduce the price of the toilet and make it affordable to everyone, and thus implementable into every household of the high density buildings in urban and housings in rural areas.

ECOLOO intends to provide an alternative to conventional sanitation systems and organic waste management by challenging their advantages: ecological inefficiency and deployment cost.ECOLOO provides a comprehensive and efficient solution to the challenges raised by sanitation and food security.