Results and Conclusion


Our sustainable sanitation technology is based on innovative, unique development that current competitors never implemented in their solutions. It is a permanent, long term, non-polluting and on-site waste treatment solution, and the best alternative to flush toilets, sewers and ‘sewage treatment’. Our eco toilet saves 90% of the cost of waste transportation that helps reduce carbon emission. There is no odor, no sewage or toxic sludge and no water required or polluted. Our sanitation system provides an alternative and ultimate solution to the world’s sanitation issues.

Our Findings

Our process in our products is 20-30 years and the life cycle is almost 60 years. Disposal of the products after 60 years will have a minimum impact on the environment, thanks to the environmental friendly raw material used in the production, which is viable economically, and sustainable environmentally.

Other relevant research findings show that there are other sanitation solutions around the world as our competitors. However, most of the systems in the market may be very expensive, require maintenance, consume lots of energy and/or water, or use ineffective biologic process or worms to treat the waste. In locations like China and India, their sanitation issues are still unsolved.

The significance and implications of the work reported

We strongly believe that our sustainable sanitation solution we offer is going to have a huge potential and a positive domino impact on environment, poverty, health, water, energy, women, dignity, organic agriculture, food security and quality society, well being and stability in many ways; especially if we engage social entrepreneurs, CSR companies, NGOs, NPOs, UN, development programs and banks, and many others on top level, in the process.

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