This is a decentralized permanent solution made of a central tank where the poo, pee and good bacteria go. Here the poo and pee is treated, broken down and at the end of the nitrification process is transformed into organic fertilizer. Our fertilizer is full of nutrition, odour free, pathogen free, safe to use and perfect for agriculture. This is a solution that would be perfect for remote areas with lack of water and no possibility for sewer system(s), high density areas such as institutions, hospitals, markets places.

The Eco Economy comes with 2 options

1)If one does not want to harvest the fertilizer, the central tank can be set to release the fertilizer directly into the ground which is nutritious to the soil and does not affect underground water.

2)If one wants to collect the fertilizer, a separate tank will be installed into which the fertilizer will be collected for farm use as required.